Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Styli-Style Part 3

 Today is the final installment of the three part review of the newly re-launched Styli-Style Cosmetic Brand. Today’s them is eyes. I have three different types of products to talk about today: eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow sticks.
The first product I tried was the Line & Seal 24-Semi permanent eye liner in Black Glitter ($5.99)
While I am not a fan of glitter eyeliner as other one’s I have used irritate my eyes, I will say that this liner did not make my eyes red, had good pigmentation and stayed for a sufficient amount of time
 It def is better than a lot of other drug store brands and if the glitter liner gave good pigmentation I am sure the plain black one will give even better color!
The next thing that was reviewed was the Flat Eye Pencil-Bendable Eye liner ($5.99)
When I first saw this I thought it was eyeshadow since it was a brown color as I usually only use black for liner. The shape of this flat pencil is really cool.
 You can get every angle of your eye with it using it as a shadow and when used with a primer it can stay on fairly well. You could probably get some really good smokey one’s with the darker colors like black.
Also in their collection is the It’s a breeze cooling Gel Shadow stick in Star bright and Liliac Smack ($5.49)
I probably should have used a primer first but I couldn’t get as much pigment out of the purple one as I did with the yellow. The pencils are nice bc you can easy glide it along your entire eyelid but as I mentioned I wasn’t entirely happy with the color. Maybe the other darker pencils come out better.

And finally, the last product I got to try out was the Colorlash mascara in Blue and black ($6.99)
This mascara’s are good for lengthening more than they are for volume. The applicator is good and allows an even distribution of the mascara without giving clumps. I know I would like eventually see a volumizing mascara in perhaps a future collection. But overall, I did like the lengthening abilities and if you’re looking for natural looking eyes with length then this is def a mascara you can try out.
Overall, I enjoyed the liner (except the glitter), The liner pencil were really cool and I would probably use them as eyeshadow, wasn't really excited about the shadow stick's I tried as they didn't give too much color and would like the mascara even better if it was added volume to the lashes..but overall some of these are def better then drug store brands I have tried especially in the eye liner dept.
Products are starting to become available throughout the USA at Rite Aid, Harmon, Sears and select beauty supply stores. Check out Styli-style’s Web Site to look for the nearest supplier or to purchase online. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see this company grow and see what kind of products they come up with in the future!!

Want to see what products Styli Style has check out any of there new social media pages:
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**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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