Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I love Lip Balm!!

Burrr It's getting cold outside you know what that means right? Chapped lips! What better way to moisturize your lips then with lip balm. Today I am reviewing two lip balm companies one that is new and an oldie but goodie. Check it out!

Sun bum is a company that creates high quality brand sun care products to help protect us from sun exposure that could potentially lead to skin cancer. According to their website 1 in 5 individuals will get skin cancer and by creating sun care products that protect us from the sun we can reduct our risk by up to 80%. To ensure the most efficient protection, their products are tested, approved and recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation.
Most of the skin care products are lotion, spray sunscreen and after sun protection but how about protection our lips..and as beauty blogger how does SPF 30 lip balm sound. Sun bum created 6 different lip balm flavors including banana, coconut, key lime, mango, pink guava, pomegranate and aloe vera. The lip balm helps relief the drying effects from the sun/wind and ocean, helps nourish chapped lips. It is petrochemical free and PABA free as well. I got to try Mango and Aloe Vera. When I tell you the Mango smells so good I mean it! Like I have not worn a lip balm that I found myself licking it off in a long time! It seriously is that good! The aloe vera also smells and suprisingly tastes well too! And their only $3.99! To find a store that sells these products or to check out what other items Sun Bum sells check out their website.
Burt Bee’s specializes in homemade bees-wax products such as lip balms. Perhaps their most popular kind is the original. This kind has a hint of peppermint oil to provide a refreshing tingle when applied. It leaves lips moisturized, hydrated, and nourished. I got the original to try out and while I love the tingling feeling it leaves I myself like more fruity flavors. Burt Bee’s offers over 10 flavors including: pink grapefruit, kokum butter, honey, acai berry, passion fruit, eucalyptus oil, mango butter and even pomegranate (that probably smells amazing!) Looks like I need to head to my nearest drug store to try out some of these other flavors! Burt Bees also makes hundreds of other products for the face, body, hair and pharmacy items such as throat drops all made from natural ingredients. To see the lip balms or other products check out their website.

**disclaimer- both lip balm brands were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion **

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  1. The Clove Oil Burt's Bee's (red cap, medicated) is amazing! Heals even the driest, most cracked lips! The grapefruit and acai berry ones smell fantastic, and of course, the peppermint original is classic, and my favorite :)



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