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Palladio Silk FX Eyeshadow Palettes

Palladio Beauty is a Hollywood Florida based group creating cruelty free herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics such as aloe vera, ginseng, chamomile, and many other unique vitamin complexes that aid in the repair of your skins elasticity and against aging.

Today I will be reviewing some Palladio's newest creation, the Silk FX Eyeshadow Palettes. Demonstrating a unique liquid to powder formula, these eyeshadows give a sleek matte and shimmery look upon application. This collection consists of 8 different palettes that will help you achieve any day or night color combination.

Creating looks is easy with the Silk FX Eyeshadow Palettes as they include easy instructions as to what to use each color for (all over, lid, crease, highlighter, and liner). Plus when used with the right shadow primer, your look can last 8-12 hours!

Check out the swatches to all 8 palettes!

The first 3 palettes we will check out is Burlesque, Cirque d'armour and Mystique

 Each palette includes from top: a highlighter, all over base, crease, lid and to the far left a liner.

 The first palette up is Burlesque. It contains some darker beige/grey highlighter, vanilla all over base, grey/brown crease, pink lid and a black shimmer liner.

Here is the swatch of how the colors in each palette appear. I only brushed each eyeshadow twice over my hand so if you wanted a more dramatic look you could def add more! This was just a test to see how each color looked.
The highlighter here is def a olive/beige color. The all over lid is a good foundation for the pink lid color. It helps it pop out. I like the darker beige crease color which blends really well with the pink. The liner at the bottom is a dark black color with a hint of shimmer in it.

Cirque d'armour a silver highlighter, vanilla all over base, shimmery grey crease, bright pink lid, and a dark black liner.

The highlight here is really shimmery. Here the crease color is a bit darker than the previous palette and the pink color is a lot more rosier. The all over base and liner are very similar to Cirque d'armour .

Mystique contains a shimmery silver highlighter, vanilla all over, grey crease, royal blue lid and darker grey/black liner.

Mystique includes a silver shimmery highlighter and the same vanilla all over lid shadow as seen in the other palettes. As it will help bring out the color of the lid shadows I think its a good choice. The lid shadow here is a dark blue color that will be blended by a dark crease shadow. Again, the liner is black.
The next palettes I have is Femme Fatale, Haute Couture, and Rendez-vous
Femme Fatale is a whole bunch of purple madness! It has a lavender highlighter, vanilla all over base, plum crease, light violet lid, and shimmer black liner.

Love how this palette is a purple one but contains diff types/shades. Here you have a lilac shimmery highlighter with a light purple lid eyeshadow (that will be really bright thanks to the vanilla all over base) that will blend with a dark plum crease shadow.

Haute Couture def reminds me of St. Patrick's day. It includes a shimmery light gold highlighter, beige all over, dark green crease, light green lid, and dark black with hints of green glitter liner.

This palette is perfect for events such as St. Patrick's day! You have your gold shimmery liner, light olive green lid shadow and dark green crease eyeshadow. Your black liner also has a hint of gold shimmer to it and I love the beige all over base here.

Rendez-vous is the perfect palette for a natural look. It contains a golden highlighter, beige all over base, chocolate crease, shimmery brown lid, and black liner.

Working at place where you haev to watch what you wear I def appreciate the Rendez-vous palette as it will help me achieve that natural light look. It has a gold shimmery highlighter, natural beige all over base, with a copper/brown lid shadow. You can blend the lid shadow with a chocolate crease shadow followed by a dark black liner.
The last two palettes in the Palladio Silk FX Collection are: Boudoir Chic and Debutante

Boudoir Chic contains a shimmery beige/grey highlighter, vanilla all over base, beige/pink crease, dark purple/pink lid, and black liner.

Boudoir Chic includes a dark metallic/maroon lid shadow that can be blended with a light pink/beige crease color. The all over base here is a light yellow color and the highlighter is a darker beige shimmery color.

Debutante is another good palette for achieving a natural look. It contains a shimmery beige highlighter, vanilla all over base, beige crease, shimmery dark beige lid and a dark brown liner.

Debutante is another palette that is good for the natural look. It has a dark shimmery beige highlighter with a light copper lid color that is blended with a light brown crease color. Also here you have a brown liner instead of the black and a light beige all over base that will bring out the copper in the lid shadow.

Using any of the following palettes you can achieve some great looks!

Here are some of the looks I put together!
My fun looking with the Femme Fatale Palette

A more natural look with the Rendez-vous Palette

Summery look with the greens in the Haute Couture Palette

Overall, I love the consistency and pigment of these shadows. I used a primer which helped my shadow last all day long even in this Dallas heat. I love the variation of colors in each palette that make for some amazing looks! I also appreciate that each palette has all the colors perfect to achieve amazing looks! These palettes are great for beginners as they tell you what color can go where and as you start to get more familiar with makeup you can def mix it up with different palettes!

Want to check out what else Pallaido Beauty has to offer? Check out their pages!

Where to find: Sally Beauty Supply and Nordstrom Rack

**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% opinion**

PS. Check back tomorrow for a special giveaway hosted by Palladio Beauty for one lucky You Had Me at Makeup Follower!!!!

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