Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Apply Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Nail Polish Strips are everywhere.But how do you apply these bad boys? Your in luck bc today I am showing you how to apply some Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen.

This nail polish strip is called Red-y to Rock from Sally Hansen's limited addition Rock of Ages collection.

Each box comes with 16 nail polish strips to choose from.

Try and lay the polish strips over nails to pick which one would be perfect for each nail. Once you find the right one all you do is peel off the sticker on both sides.

Press the sticker on the nail. Make sure you get it do it slowly as you have to get it right the first time. And if you don't now worries you have extra polish strips included. You want the nail polish strip to overlay toward your finger tip.

Next, you file the nail polish stip off by getting as close to your real nail as possible.

If you filed it correctly you should be able to rip it right off. If not, no worries just file it more until it tears off.

Then to make it last longer, I like to add a top coat to it. That way you have the shine like normal nails and they stay longer.

Overall, I was surprisingly impressed with how well they look. Honestly you couldn't tell that they were fake on me. Which means I did a really good job! Yay! Plus they lasted a whole week and I took them off which is awesome! This is so perfect for that last minute manicure while your on the train or car and makes it look like you spent a heck of a lot of time on! Love it!

Want to see what other nail polish strips SH has. Check out their website

**Disclaimer-This product was provided to me for my 100% Opinion**


  1. How do they feel? I applied one yesterday and thought it looked... weird... on my fingernail so I opted not to continue. Maybe I just had a weird pattern?

  2. They felt fine to me. I have seen some pictures of others where they didn't look great and I was worried about how mine would come out. But I had lots of compliments on how real they looked. I think you just have to take the time to properly size it to your nail and make sure you strongly press the edges of the nail polish strip. I honestly didn't feel like I had anything heavy on and kept them on longer than I usually keep my polish on lol! Hope that helps!



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