Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jade Holograficio Polishes Part 2

Here are the swatches to the rest of the Jade Polishes: Psicodelica, Mystic Gold, Magic Negria, Delirio Rosa, Energy and Deja Vu.

Psicodelica is a see through silver color. It looks so crazy in the sun! You can see my nail slightly in the polish but for once it doesn't matter. It still looks cool. Kind of reminds me of a prism.

Mystic Gold is stunning right! I thought I would never say gold looks good on me or that I like it but something about the holographic version of a gold makes you look like a billion bucks!

Magic Negria is a black holographic. Its nice and all but not my favorite. I use to love black holographic polishes until I tried all these lighter shades!
 Delirio Rosa. Something about this pink just makes it look so cute! Maybe that it is a baby pink or cotton candy bright pink. I don't know what but this is my fav pink holographic for sure!

Energy is a pretty lighter blue as compared to hypnose. Def like this one better. It just stands out more!

Deja vu is a darker pink color than Delirio Rosa. Its also prettier but the lighter one just seems more like me!

Overall, I think everyone should owe atleast one Jade Holografico polishes! They are honestly some of the best ones I have seen. Love that they go on easy with two coats and dry fast and they just give an AMAZING look.

Where to find here in the US: Ninja Polish or Llarowe


  1. I have four of the Jade holos but want them all! They are super gorgeous!

  2. They all look awesome. So pretty:)

    Sara xx



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