Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick

Rimmell London new Fall 2012 Collection includes 5 new signature lipsticks to the Kate Moss Lasting Intense Wear Lipstick. Inspired by the London celebrity, these lipsticks are made of a ultra-rich formula packed with vitamin C and E offering antioxidant protection, while leaving lips soft, smooth and moisturized!

Check out my lip swatches of four of these amazing colors!

Here is how the lipstick looks. Love the design!
Here are 4 of the new shades coming out this Fall!

Here is a close up of the lipsticks #09, # 11, #15, and #06
Swatches of these show that #9 is a Intense Berry color, #11 is Brick Red color,  #15 is a shimmery beige color and # 6 is a coral color.

I have seen lots of swatches on the skin and sometimes it's a little hard to picture what they look like on so I def wanted to include lip swatches of each color. Sorry they look a little crappy but I was doing it in a hurry!
Here is #9, it was a lot light then I imagined. It is def a berry color and can be worn day or night!

#11 is def a color to wear at night, it is a nice dark red color and it would have been darker but I only added it lightly.

#15 didn't look good on me! I felt like I looked like a zombie. It's a cute color just not on me!

I was quite surprised how #6 looked on me. I thought coral was for light skinned people but I have to admit it looked really nice! Its a fun color that you can def where during the day (except work).

So there you have it the new Fall 2012 Kate Moss Lipsticks! Aren't they gorgeous! I didn't mention this earlier but these lipsticks have a nice scent to it! I don't know what it is like a fruit kind of smell but I have never had a lipstick smell so good I wanted to take a bite out of it! Lol! Love the variety of colors and the longevity of each lipstick! Best of all, they are going to be super affordable! I don't know about you but I def want to go out and buy the older shades bc I am def a fan of this lipstick!

If you want to check out the older shades check out Rimmel London's Website or FB Page 

Where to find:
Be on the look out for Kate Moss Lipsticks coming out this fall at any department stores: Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Kmart!

**Disclaimer- These products were provided by the PR grp for Rimmel London for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. Love Kate for Rimmel and collected all the ones they brought out so far..now I need these in my life too:) xx


    1. Lol sorry I influenced you! They are pretty colors too! I can't wait till they come out in stores! I didn't get one the 5 so I def will buy that one.



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