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July Bloom Ambassador Box Hair Products

It's a new month and you know what that means? Time to review some products from Bloom.Com. As I am Beauty Ambassador, I get the chance to review beauty products monthly just for you! This month all the products I got I had never heard or tried before so I was so excited to get to test them all! Today's post is going to focus on the hair products.

Here's a little sneak peak at my box this month and whats to come soon as far as reviews! =)

The first products I am trying today comes from a hairstylist from Omaha, Nebraska named Thomas Sena. He has a line called T'eez me with a bunch of products ranging from shampoo to other amazing repair products.

The first product in my review today is the Bounce me Styling Cream. This light amazing smelling cream can be used on long, short, curly, wavy or straight hair. All you have to do is dob a little on wet or dry hair during styling. It adds texture, shine and even gets a little hard to hold hair like a hair spray. I used the Bounce it to achieve a bunch of different hair styles.

Now I def don't have curly hair. My hair is super straight. But I went ahead and tried to scrunch my hair a little bit. I just added some of the styling creme to my wet hair and using a towel scruched it. I apologize for the hair across my face but this is while I was trying to shape my hair.

After a few minutes I finally got the look I was looking for. It looked nice, wet, and my little straight hait didn't look to bad.

It's hot up in Dallas I tell you! So when I'm working I def want to keep my hair up. Using my styling creme I parted a little piece of my hair on both sides and started from the top of my twisted my hair towards my scalp all the way to my ears. Then I just pulled my hair up in a ponytail and added the twisted piece and wah lah!

You can also use the styling creme to do the snooki style. I just got a piece of the front of my hair and poofed it! I didn't go all crazy with my poof bc I work in healthcare so I wanted a nice subtle style.

The styling creme held my hair pretty great! And since I had punk rock hair I had to give you the punk rock sign! Of course!

Overall, I loved the smell of this product. It does a good job at holding your hair in place and especially on keeping my side bangs which usually always fall out from coming out! So I was able to maintain my hairstyle all day long. It didn't give that hairspray hold that leaves my hair flakey which I can appreciate. As far as frizziness goes it did help a little bit with it but I can't definitively say it helped completely but it did a pretty good job! 

The next product I tried from the T'eez Collection is the Build me Volume spray. It helps to control and add some volume to that hair!

I have a lot of hair already so I don't need too much volume but I can def use some control. I sprayed my hair starting at the roots and worked my way down. Check out how awesome the top of my hair looks. It made my hair shiny, not frizzy (it looks a little on the middle are bc I just woke up from a nap =) ) and def added some volume to the top of my hair that is pretty flat. Oh and the smell of cucumber on it is phenomonal!

The third and final hair product I will be reviewing today is the Sundari Neem and Coconut Hair treatment. Applied throghout your hair and scalp, this treatment sits in your hair for 30 minutes before you wash it off. It smells yummy and yeah I was scared putting oil in my hair as I have some naturally oily hair. Oh and I also have a sensitive scalp so I get dandruff easy! This treatment aims to help rebuild and strenthen the collagen layers while improving your hairs overall texure and feel.

Here is how my hair looked first thing out of the shower. I was surprised to see my hair not looking all funky from leaving oil in it for 30 minutes.

And here is how my hair looked after. It was left with a nice shine, soft and smelling great! I already have pretty healthy and shiny hair since I don't treat my hair with anything. I don't color or rarely curl it but it just added that extra touch and made it look even better! FYI I washed my hair last night and woke up this morning to super soft hair! It pretty much didn't look like I just woke up (my hair atleast lol!)

Want to see these products or more that has to offer? Check out their Website ! I have also provided the individual links of all the products I reviewed today! Hope you enjoyed learning about all these products and I dont know about you but I can't wait to see what I get to review next month!

Do you have anything on that you would like to see reviewed? I def want to hear about those products so I can provide suggestions to Bloom.coms Ambassador Representative.

**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**

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