Friday, August 17, 2012

Hare Polish Swatches

This is my first purchase from Hare Polish...yay! I love bright colors and especially pink so when I saw these three polishes I had to get them!

The 3 polishes I chose was Rad Cloud, Magic Mist and Asteroid Turf.

Bottle shot of Rad Cloud. A light baby pink color with green and purple glitter, small orange glitter, hex pink glitter and little hex glitters.

I love how all the glitter pops out of this polish! It is just beautiful!

Magic Mist is a light lavender color with purple square glitter, small orange and blue glitter and tiny glitters. (Bottle Shot photo got damaged...sometimes I hate cameras!)
This polish was my least favorite it was pretty thin and it took me 4 coats to achieve this look and it still wasn't completely opaque here.

The final polish I bought was Asteroid Turf. A lime green color with pink glitters in it. I loved how unique this polish looked and pink always wins me!

This is def my 2nd favorite one. Love how the polish has a jelly texture and how well the glitter pops out as well.

Overall, I loved the combination and how well each glitter stood out in each polish! They are not only unique but fun colors as well! I can't wait to see what HARE Polish has in store for the Fall and look forward to trying more of her polishes!

Like this polishes?
Check out HARE Polish pages to see when her next sale becomes live!

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