Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rimmel London-Match Perfection 3 Tone Blush

Hey ladies! Got another sneak peak product from Rimmel London's Fall Collection. This 3 in one blush will enhance your natural radiance, glow and most importantly will adapt to your unique skin tone. This blush will sculpt, shadow and highlight your face together or you can use each color seperately.

Personally, I love the look achieved when combining all 3 blushes. The only con I have of this product is that when you brush off some blush it leaves a lot of excess powder that I have to wipe off. You can see all the excess powder in this photo.

The blush I am using here is Medium/dark.

Using a Kabuki brush (my absolute favorite brush for applying blushes and powder fondations) I swirl it around each color in a circular motion a few times. Since a lot of excess powder comes off I like to tap the brush gently before applying to my face. While either smiling or just looking into a mirror to see my cheek bone, I take my Kabuki brush in in a circular motion from the inner cheek to the outer cheek continually. If I feel that the blush is to light I repeat what I mentioned until I am happy with the achieved look. As you can see on the far right I like a nice pigmented blush on my face.

Overall, I love that this Rimmel London is not only affordable but delivers amazing products. The Match Perfection 3 Tone Blush def gives me the exact color and highlighting look I look for in my product and lasts all day long. I had never tried Rimmell London products before this week so I am so impressed with all of the products I have tried thus far! I think I have a new favorite Drug Store Beauty Brand!

What do you think of all the Rimmell London Fall 2012 products so far? What are you excited to try?

Where to find: Coming Soon to any Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, ULTA
 Price: $4.97

**Disclaimer-This product was provided by Rimmel London's PR Group for my 100% Honest opinion)

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