Thursday, August 2, 2012

ScandalEyes Gel Eye Liner

I've got a sneak peak review for another Rimmel London product coming out this fall. Introducing the ScandalEyes Gel Eye liner! Achieve the best cat eye look with this creamy, waterproof eye liner.

ScandalEyes Gel liner comes in four shades: blue, aubergine, black and brown.

Located on the handle of each liner is a eye liner brush. What I especially love is that this brush doesn't get hard from left over gel liner on it and I can easily put liner on my eyes again the next day. I usually was the bursh once a week and love that I don't have to do it everyday,

Here is a bottle shot of each of the colors.

I swatched each color on my arm. Blue, aubergine, black and brown. Look how creamy each liner looks. Amazing!

With the simple glide of your brush you can achieve long lasting gel liner. I can't even explain to you how easy and smooth this liner comes out!

Bc it comes off so easy I wanted to draw a heart over my swatches to better demonstrate the defining and precision of this liner.  No smudges! Oh and its also water proof.

Overall, I can go throughout the whole day and not have to worry about touching up my liner. It stays bold, and dark all day long, never fades! I don't have to worry about my liner smearing during the day bc I am sweating! And it is really easy to put on bc it is so creamy that I usually get it on in one stroke. The only negative thing I can say about this product is it takes a little bit longer than my current liner to dry bc it is so creamy. I usually let it dry fro 5 minutes. But honestly I would take that extra waiting time for the amazing look it leaves me with! Can't wait for this product to hit stores! It is both affordable and just AWESOME! I seriously found my new fav gel liner! And I am super picky on eye liner so you know I really love this!

Are you excited for the Fall 2012 Rimmel London Collection? I still have more sneak peaks coming out!

Where to find: Coming Soon to any Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, ULTA Price: $4.99

**Disclaimer-This product was provided by Rimmel London's PR Group for my 100% Honest opinion)


  1. I love that the brush fits into the packaging of this! They look gorgeous, I especially love the look of the purple one!


  2. Me to Jess! That was one thing that I found so unique about it! I love how each color comes out too especially the purple! Never worn purple liner but I will def be using this often! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I've always been a liquid liner girl, but I think I'm gonna have to give these a go! I love Rimmel products anyway :)

    1. I was a liquid liner girl too until I was converted last year. I just love how easy it is to put gel liner on with brush and it comes out more uniform to me so I don't have to keep fixing it. Or it could be that maybe I'm better at gel vs liquid. =)

  4. omg, i have been wanting a liquid eyeliner like this one. it looks very promising. thanks for the review!

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    1. Its a gel liner but it does look like liquid huh? Wish I could tell you when it comes out! I don't think its in stores quite yet but I def will be going to get some more when they do come out! I never used Rimmel products but they are stepping it up! Love it!

  5. It is out! I grabbed "blackest Black" at Walmart today for $5.47! I didn't notice if they had any of the other colors though.

    1. Sweet they are? I am def going to check out my walmart tomorrow! Thanks!



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