Monday, July 2, 2012

White Apricot's Green Grab Bag

Their is so many chemicals in some of the products we use daily. Because of this natural organic products are becoming more and more available. But its hard to find the right products. Wouldn't it be nice get a monthly subscription with samples of natural beauty products?

Well ladies...Introducing White Apricot's Green Grab Bag!

A monthly beauty subscription that delivers atleast 6 samples of natural, organic and vegan beauty products for only $15 month. Today I am reviewing the June Grab bag!

Here is how the cute little bag looks when you open it.

Attached to the bag is a card that lists all of the products received as well as their full prices. I enjoy this very much bc I hate having to google products.

Here is what included in my Green bag.
  • AguaCate & Co Skincare
    • This cream is so light, mositurizes well and makes your skin feel so soft without leaving the greasy stuff behind.
  • Overall Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow in Heart Breaker
    •  This mineral based eyeshadow is a nice peachy/pink color that I have been using as a blush. It looks so good and has just a hint of shimmer. Check out my swatch of it below. It is VERY pigmented so lightly dab some on your cheeks if you want to use it as a blush. You can also use it as a shadow!
  • Tsi- La Organic Eau de Parfum
    • This was the only thing I wasn't too impressed by. It had more of a oil consistency and was to thick for me to put on as perfume.
  • Collective Well Being Natural Face Corrective Cleanser
    • This Oatmeal facial cleanser doesn't have an intense smell to it so you know there aren't many frangrances and harsh chemicals in it. Just simply wash your face with it daily! Since summer is here in Dallas I have been sweating like crazy which means ACNE! Luckily using a toner after washing with this cleanser I have been able to maintain my clear face!
  • Cocoon Apothecary Rosey Cheeks Face Cream
    • This cream is not greasy which is great for oily skin like mine. It has a light scent but def feels like a light cream on. I put it on before my mineral foundation daily. The consistency is so soft as well. Kind of like your wiping your fingers across the clouds.
  • Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss
    • This lipgloss has a very summery color to it! Pefect for the summer glow your want! It's kind of like a coral color with a hint of shimmer. The consistency is not too thick or thin but just right!

Overall, I think the Green Grab bag is AMAZING! I mean where else can you get samples every month of ALL natural and vegan products. It def opened my eyes to products I have never heard of. So if your looking for some organic beauty products in your current beauty subscriptions I def recommend checking out this company.

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