Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Natural Skin Care

All Natural Skin Care beauty store based in New Jersey. As a small business, this was the first company I received a personal note from the owner on how to use her products. I loved that she took the time to work with me and send me some amazing products to review!

Here is how the products came. Isn't the wrapping so cute? I will be reviewing lots of different products today. Starting with a Ghassoul Face Mask.

Part of the Morrocan Collection is the Ghassoul Clay with Essentials Oils face mask. Used for skin cleansing and softening, this mask works to absorbs impurities under your skin brought on by everyday enviromental toxins. This mask also aids in detoxifying the skin, improves skin elasticity and extracts blackheads.

When I first saw the Ghassoul Clay I was confused. It looked like sand and I had never used it before. But as soon as you mix it with water it turns into a nice thick face mask that slowly dries onto your skin. You can feel it tighten the skin right away and honestly I was AMAZED that when I removed this mask the blackheads on my nose were GONE. Seriously GONE! I have never had a face mask remove my blackheads so I am def will be using this regulatly. Its light on the skin as it simply contains mineral salts, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus.
Now as you all know I recently started using a toner. Used as an anti-septic, toners are good for killing all the nasty stuff on your face. And since I used it my little acne spots have gone down tremendously. All Natural Skin care has a Lavender toner. Some toners have an alcohol smell to them but what I love about this one is the refreshing smell it has. I use this toner in the morning and night following my cleansing regimen.
Another product I got to try out was the their 100% Argan oil. And if you have oily skin like me you wouldn't even think to use it, but Rita (Owner) told me to give it a try and I would be surprised with the results. I was very skeptical thinking I would for sure break out after using it. But I would add a few drops after I washed my face mask off. And guess what? I didn't break out after. It made my skin more softer. Who would of though exotic oil would help someone with oily skin?

The vitamin C Facial Serum brings the maximal amount of moisture to help give your face a restorative complection. I simply add this after my cleans/toner regimen. My face didn't break out and serving as a hyerpigmentation, it will help skin lose age spots. I don't have age spots yet but when I do I know what kind of products work well with my skin. Sea Fennerl Eye Creme is used to address skin wrinking, loss of elasticity, puffiness (which I suffer for) and hyper-pigimentation. Just dab some on your eye area night and day and it will make those nasty puffy eyes you get from not sleeping enough just disappear.

The final product I got to review was some of All Natural Skin Care's mineral foundation in Lola, Josephine, and Sophia.

As you already know I love mineral foundation. I swatched all three to see which one would suit my skin tone better. Lola was a beige color, josephine has a bronzing shimmer to it and sophia was the lightest of them all. I personally loved the way Josephine added the little glow to myself. I always put a primer on my skin before I put on my foundation so I get a long lasting effect.

Overall, I loved trying all the unique beauty products All Natural Skin Care has to offer. Especially the Ghassoul Clay Face Mask I mean what face mask out their removes blackheads!! I also loved the Lavender smelling toner!

Want to see what other products All Natural Skin Care has to offer?

Check out their:

**Disclaimer- I received this product for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. Those seem like really good products! Nice review!

  2. Your very welcome! The mask was amazing! As I usually use Biore Strips to remove my blackheads it was great for a mask to remove them for me!



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