Sunday, July 8, 2012

My June Favorites

A few months ago the lovely Jess at Love for Lacquer started writing a monthly post on her favorite products. Its so much fun to see all the diff products each month of other people so I decided to start making monthly favorite's post. Posted below each description of my beauty products is the link to the original review in case you want to further check out the product. So without further a do lets get this party started!

Drum roll please.....

I'd like to introduce...

 I will try to keep my favorite beauty products to only those that can fit in this little beauty bag.

Favorite Facial Cleansing Wipes

I use to spend a fortune on MAC makeup remover wipes but that was until I moved to Texas and was unemployed for 2 months. Unable to afford those I went out to find cheaper wipes that still did the job. I first tried the target kind which stunk in my opinion it made my eyes and face red. I then tried Clean & Clear's Facial Cleansing Wipes. They are delicate on my skin, take out even the most dark makeup and are very affordable. Love them won't use any other wipes now.

Although my blog gives you the idea that I am a makeup blogger I do love me some nail polish and I know you guys do too so thats why I heavily focus on nail polishes as well. I like to keep my people happy. I picked my favorite indie and brand polish. As you probably already know I am in love with Pop Tart by Lacquer convention. I love the creamy white color it has with bright color glitters un like any other indie polish I have ever seen. It seriously looks like a pop tart! My favorite brand polish is Zoya's Shelby, a baby/cotton candy pink. It is so pretty even on my tan skin and I just love the consistency of Zoya 's Polishes!

My two favorite makeup brushes are the Kabush brush perfect for blush and mineral foundation and my primer brush that from Coastal Scents that I use to put on primer before my foundation.

Sure I love expensive makeup but some drug store beauty products work just as well. Right now my favorite mascara is Neutrpgena's Healthy Lengths Mascara which greatly makes my lashes long while giving me great volume! My favorite eyeliner is Stila's Stingray. I love that it  smudgeproof bc Texas summer = sweating and with this liner I know longer have to worry about smearing my liner when I sweat. No more racoon eyes yay!

Summer= tans and what better way to bring out that summer glow then with a bronzing powder! I love my NYC powder in Hamptons Radiance. It has bronzing, shimmer and a highlighter in one which really pops out my cheek bones! My favorite blush is one I just got on my Green Grab Bag from Overall Beauty in heartbreaker. It's a mineral shadow or blush and I love that it is all natural!

Time for lip products! I love the smell and plumping action of my Sally Hansen's Vita C lip gloss. Mositurizes my lips while giving me nice volumtious lips. I just tried this Lip Scrub from the monthly subscription called Karisma Balm. This scrub helps remove dead skin in the lips and makes your lips feel soooooo soft afterwards. I def will be using this a lot in the winter to cure my chapped lips!

I usually don't like light beige shadows as they don't look good on my brown skin but I just love Seashell from glo minerals. The consistency of the shadow is amazing it comes on uniform, and stays on long. It seriously is an amazing shadow I just don't know how else to describe it. My current favorite foundation is mineral of course! mia mariu's Savanna mineral foundation gives me the flawless look I love. It doesn't look cakey like liquid foundation does and just looks so natural. Also, to cover up my bags I am getting since I haven't been getting good sleep is the concealer in Trigo. It works miracles I tell you!

Avon just came out with a bug guard product line and since I have been getting bites like crazy (apparently I smell good to the bugs) I have been itchy like CRAZY! I got this Anti-Itch spray and all you do is literally spray the area and it gives it MAJOR relief! I swear I forgot my bites were there!

I hope you enjoyed my June's Favorites post be on the lookout for next months!

Have any favorite products this month you would love to share? Leave a comment below I love hearing about new products!

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