Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pretty & Polished Swatches Part 2

I finally got the two polishes I have so longed to get from Pretty & Polished! Can you believe it! Atlas here is the swatches for Sand art and Jawbreaker. 

Don't they look so gorgeous in their little bottles!
Here's a booty shot of them! =)

Sand Art is a mate glitter mixture of blue, green, pink and purple glitters.

Here is my swatch of Sand Art (I only applied 1 coat) over OPI No Room for the Blues. Doesn't the glitters look so pretty.

Here is a swatch of it in the light! I bet it would have looked even better had I put two coats but I didn't Sorry =( But you can still see how cool this polish looks.

Somebody ring the alarm I finally got the polish I have been dying for. Introducing......JAWBREAKER! A white creme base with red, yellow and blue glitters of all sizes.

Here is my indorr swatch! Can you believe how amazing this polish looks!

Looks just as great in light. After missing out on this polish because it sold out so fast. I finally have my hands on this bad boy and can continue on with life lol! It is sooooo worth it!

Can't wait to see what P&P has in store next for us. And now she will be selling her polishes on Llarowe so they should be easier to get your hands on any of her polishes!

Check out P&P FB Page

Love any other P&P Polishes? I would love to learn about others good colors!


  1. ooh how fun, def checking this brand out now:)

  2. Yes def she has a bunch of amazing polishes!!



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