Monday, November 5, 2012

October 2012 Favorites

School has been kicking my butt! I have to admit I aimed a little too high taking an anatomy & physiology class with lab plus a microbiology class with lab while working full-time. The blog has def not been as great as I would like it but now that school is winding down I will be back and running good again in a month! Yay. With that said, I realized I haven’t been doing the monthly favorites post so without further ado here is my October Favorites…
Shot of all the products I love this month representing hair, nails, body, skin, eyes and lips.

Lea Jou hydrating mask- This amazing product is applied in dry hair then washed off in the shower. Your hair feels so soft and gets really shiny! My hair looks so much healthier now!

Glisten & Glow’s Cuticle Oil in Chamomile. This cute little oil stick is always in my purse for when my cuticle’s need a little TLC. Love that you can customize labels for each product and that Jill carries over 100 different fragrances!
Butter London’sWest end wonderland- This polish is truly magical it is a gold amazing sparkly polish. You seriously look like a diva in it! Gorgeous!
Benefit Bad girl mascara- offers amazing length and volume and doesn’t give many clumps.
Unite 7 Second Conditioner- I have so much hair and it tangles easy. There have been times where I sat down and brushed all my tangles out for 15 minutes. This leave in conditioner works miracles I tell you! I spray it before I leave for work and let it sit in my hair until I arrive and brush my hair out easily!

Mirenesse Lip bomb in red- If you are looking for color to stay on your lips you should def try this! This lip product has amazing  color and stays on for a very long time! The longest lasting lip product I’ve tried so far.

Lush- Lovely Jubbiles breast cream- this lotion makes the tatas smell nice and moisturizes your skin. You can also use it for your body as well.

Joey New York Bye Bye Blackheads- I use this scrub every morning to help lessen the blackheads I have on my nose. Yuk!

Dermaheal Shampoo- Great for helping kick start hair growth. I have def noticed my hair getting a little bit longer! Hopefully I can grow back my long hair ASAP!

What are your favorite beauty products? These products were all featured this month so refer to blog post to learn more about each one.

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