Friday, November 23, 2012

Men's cologne

It's that time of year for the guys in your life this Christmas. Of course gadgets are a must for men but my guy atleast has recently gotten into cologne so now its time to try and the perfect cologne he would like. Luckily I got the bf to get involved in this review so I get a better perspective of what makes a perfect cologne.

According to mine when choosing a cologne he wants and I am saying it word for word a "Manly" cologne. He doesn't like one's that have a more frangrance smell but wants a good musky smelling cologne.

Two colognes I will be reviewing today is the Hugo Boss Bottled sport and the Lacoste Eau de Lacoste cologne

The first cologne, Boss by Hugo Boss will give the guy in your life a fresh energetic smell. Infused with several citrus flavors including grapefruit, yuzu zest, pink peppercorn, lavender and cardamom. The bf and I both smelled this and both agreed that this is a little too fragrancy for him. It smells more like something I would wear over him.
(Retail: $67)

The second cologne is Eau de Lacoste from Lacoste. Unlike the Hugo cologne, Eau de Lacoste is infused more with spices like ginger, black pepper and cardamon. I know what your thinking spices in the cologne. Weird. But this cologne def smells great! The bf loved it and I also thought  ithad a more masculine smell as well.
  (Retail: $62)

Overall, I am so excited that I got the chance to review these colognes with my bf as it gives me a better sense of what he looks for in his cologne and def excited to help learn about men's cologne as well for future reference because I have brothers lol. He def would go with the Lacoste cologne hands down and I couldn't agree more. Oh and he was so happy he got to review for once since it meant he got to something to try lol. These opinions are based on my bf and my own after comparing the two and I suggest trying out the cologne yourself as all men have different preferences.

What men colognes do the men in your life like?

To learn more about the two colognes in this review or what other ones each company has to offer

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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