Monday, November 19, 2012

November BB Box

It's Beauty subscription I have for you what I got in my BB box this month!

The theme this month was giving and included products the BB team thought we would love.

What was included in my box:
1. Masqueology Revitalizing Eye- a under the gel eye mask that will help reduce eye puffiness and help brighten those bags under the eyes ladies..I def have them as I am heading ito the finals for my classes. Def will be trying these soon!
2. Stila-All over shimmer liquid luminzer- it looks really nice when I swatch it on my hand but when I applied it to my cheeks you couldn't see it. I really wanted to like this. =(
3. Masqueology Masque Cleanse (extra)-This was a teeny tiny little sample
4. Masqueology 7D Mositure Cream (extra)- This also was a little packet and instead of giving me those two they could have combined to give me something better to maybe celebrate the holidays.
5. MCMC Fragrances Phoenix- I know I say this every time but I am really over fragrances. I would much rather get a lip gloss sample.
6. One Love Organics Aromotic Body Serum- I just don't like oil..maybe it's bc I have a fear it will stain my clothes but I just don't like applying it as it feels thick as well. This is the second time I have gotten this too.

I have been with BB since Jan and honestly have been pretty disappointed with my boxes for a while now. With that said I decided to cancel my subscription and try and find another beauty subscription to get now.

Any ideas???


  1. I have been a member for only 5 months and at the beginning I was very disappointed with my first 2-3 boxes, and thought about canceling my subscription but decided to change up the stuff I told them I was interested in. Since I did that I have been happier with what I have been getting.



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