Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pretty in my Pocket now has perks!!

Hi all! Yesterday I had a 10-hour drive and today I have 7 hrs on my move back to california so a little less than half-way! Wanted to tell about something awesome about the app I am taking part in called Pretty in my Pocket.
There is an amazing added feature that they announced yesterday! The app will now have perks (discounts) which will first start off for NYC Primpers. 
L'Oreal Paris Perks start today July 19th, 2013 and will run at Participating NYC Walgreens & Duane Reade Locations. To see a list of locations click here.
I am a Makeup Maven with Pretty in my Pocket which means that PRIMP features me as an expert beauty blogger! It's easy to find me & follow me on the app for all of my pretty little thoughts about beauty products. I tested out some of the makeup products that L'Oréal Paris has in their Looks & Perks. I will be adding my looks and thoughts to those products offered with the perks this as soon as I arrive in CA Make sure you are following me on PRIMP for on-the-go Reviews, Looks, & more! You can even check out my virtual beauty Bag for my must-have products. 
Take a peek at the Perks offered by downloading Pretty in my Pocket in the App Store(Android coming soon!), registering & creating a Profile, and then tapping "Perks" on the bottom navigation. PRIMP will display the closest Perks to you at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade stores!

Get Connected with the PRIMP community!
You can also follow L'Oréal Paris, expert bloggers(like me!), and friends by tapping "People" then the little magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner.

Don't worry if you aren't in NYC, Perks will be available in other cities soon! Fingers crossed we can get more perks from more of our favorite beauty brands!!

Download PRIMP NOW! :)

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#PRIMPLOrealParis for hashtagging!!

** I can't wait to show you my looks and see what you come up with! Follow me on PRIMP**

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