Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

So we've seen lots of beauty box subscriptions so I thought I would mix it up and try my very first jewelry subscription called Rocksbox. This subscription consists of sending you 3 jewelry pieces from the latest designers. I am an iFabbo member so got the amazing opportunity to get a 6 month subscription of this company to try. 

The first thing you do when you sign up is do a bunch of surveys so they could get a good idea of what type of jewelry you like. As for me I prefer rings, earrings and necklaces. Here is how the box looks white with a pink bow on it.

Gifts are wrapped in tissue paper with another bow.

One thing I like is that each jewelry piece comes in its own bag. 

Here is what I got in this months bag...

The first piece I got was the Serefina Crystal Daggar Studs in Pyrite. While these look really cool and unique I just don't like the idea of trying and wearing earrings that other people might have used.

The second piece of jewelry I got was Lucas Jack Arch Ring in rose quartx. Love the color of the piece and it looked good on my skintone but not a fan of the oval shape. Think it would have been better with a different shape. 

The final piece I got was a Trina Turk Notorious Resin Collar. It's cute but I honestly don't think the necklace is anything special to me personally. 


Prepare to have your mouths dropped!  This is the retail price of the pieces on the left and the members price. As a college student I def could not afford to buy these pieces but having the opportunity to use and wear them sounds fun! So I would say the only piece I liked was the ring color but not shape. I got the chance to tell Rocksbox if I disliked or liked my box. Will send it in tomorrow and can't wait to see what the next box has!!! 


**disclaimer- this product was provided to me by iFabbo** 

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