Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Studio Gear CC Cream

Got another CC cream review for you today. Yesterday I did a drug store brand and today I decided to do a more pricey brand to see how it would compare. So excited I was able to review this brand as I am just starting to try their products.

Just recently released the Studio Gear CC cream. The collection consists of 3 shades- Linen, Natural and Wheat. The goals of this cream is to brighten and luminate the skin.

The formula is very similar to the L'Oreal BB cream I tried a while ago. While the cream is white it has little pigment beads that will transform it to your shade

Here is how the CC cream first looke when I applied to my hand

After I blended it you can see it adjusted to my skin
tone (right side) and def lightened it as compared to my left side which has no CC cream on it. I honestly feel that this swatch doesn't do justice as it def gives you great coverage.

So compared to the drug store CC cream would I use this one? The answer is...yes. I felt it had better coverage, it moisturized better and I just loved how it adjusted to my skin tone. As compared to a similar texture BB cream would I use this one? Yes again. The BB drug store brand I tried also adjusted to my skin tone but I felt when blended it gave me that cakey look and when I applied foundation it just wasn't right. The only thing I don't care for is the price as it's a little high for me as a student. But, I def do enjoy it and if I can ever buy one I will use it sparingly. 

Where to find- Department stores such as Ulta, Dillards and maybe sephora.

NOTE: If you are a You Had Me at Makeup follower and buy online you can get 10% off  by entering youhadme13 on the promo code!!

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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