Monday, July 1, 2013

Almay CC Cream

We've all heard and tried BB cream  but I keep hearing about the the newest kind, CC Cream. Here is my review on the very first CC cream I just recently tried which happens to also be a very popular drug store brand, Almay.

Almay's Smart Shade CC cream is a foundation and concealer aimed at covering imperfections and correcting discoloration. 

So how well is this concealer??

Let's see!!

There are 3 shades in this collection: Light, Light/medium and medium. I chose to go with medium. As you can see in my swatch of the CC cream before I blend it is a not thick creamy not watery but a texture of the two. Although this is the darkest shade it still looks very light on my skin tone so it would be really hard to work with on people who are darker than me

Upon blending the CC cream you can see first off that it lightens the skin as compared to my left side of my hand that has my natural skin tone. Another thing you can note is the fact that it doesn't moisturize my skin very much. Finally, although it looks like it conceals very well here. I def noticed it doesn't conceal imperfections such as scarring from old acne spots at all. 

So.. overall, if your looking for a lightweight- not heavy coverage then this CC cream would be good for you. But if your looking for a lot of coverage to cover discoloration or what not then I would probably pass on this product. I have little areas I want to cover but I prob would not buy this after I am done with my bottle. It is def not the worst but at the same time it is def not the best. In my opinion it is simply okay.

Price-$9.99 (prices can vary depending on the store)
Where to find- Drug stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and many more

**disclaimer- this product was purchased by me**

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  1. This is my holy grail! I absolutely LOVE the Almay CC cream! I use it everyday and love the fact that it covers and conceals the way it does! :)



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